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Fill out the form at the following link to be contacted about NMD Sponsorship.

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Alternatively, email sponsor@nmdworkshop.org for sponsorship related questions.

Sponsorship Information

The Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Workshop is a unique intensive meeting to present state-of-the-art research in the field of nanotechnology and promote cooperatively translating nanotechnology discoveries into applications. At the workshop, attendees will view a panorama of unique presentations and learn the latest advances in nanotechnology theory and application from experts in the field. Between sessions there will be several opportunities to meet and network with engineering experts, faculty members, and industry executives from universities and nanotechnology companies across the globe. The workshop will highlight advances in nanotube materials such as forests, ribbons, sheets, thread, and yarn for applications including aerospace, bioengineering, electronics, energy and power, renewable energies, as well as several other industries.

Industries, universities, publishers, and government agencies can provide sponsorship for the Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Workshop for $500. Sponsors will have the following benefits:
a) A table in the poster session/sponsorship hall for display of products and for distributing fliers and advertising materials
b) Display of a poster at the workshop
c) A one page sponsor advertisement in PowerPoint format in the workshop proceedings
d) Networking and Recruiting. Undergraduate and Graduate students and industry professionals will be at the workshop for interactions with industry
e) Industries will each give a 5 minute presentation (using 2-3 ppt slides or similar) to attendees on the first day of the workshop on recent advances in their products and services related to nanotechnology.

To register as a sponsor, please complete the online registration form, denoting that you intend to be a sponsor. Once your sponsor registration is received, the NMD Workshop sponsorship coordinator will contact you to arrange payment, gather advertisement information/logo, and schedule a short presentation as noted above (not required).

The Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Workshop is held for academic purposes and is not for profit. Sponsorships are only used to cover part of the costs of running the workshop. Because of sponsorships, we are able to keep the workshop free of charge and open to the public. We ask that attendees please consider registering as a sponsor to support the operation of the workshop.

Thank you to this year’s sponsors (additional sponsors to be listed).